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My goal is to figure out the best way to educate my son, Walker, who for most of his life now has been stuck at home with me and his mother because of the pandemic. Approaching two years old, Walker is beginning his education at a time when conventional schooling has been turned on its head. God willing, COVID-19 will be long gone by the time he’s school age. But I wonder what lies ahead for him. Will education return to normal after this? Should it?


I’m Co-Founder and President of @BetterRhetor, an educational publishing company my wife, Becky, and I run. BetterRhetor is focused on preparing more high schoolers for college success. We intend this newsletter to be a (mostly) bi-weekly exploration of questions we face in educating our young son. We welcome parents, educators, and everyone else interested in joining our journey. If you find raise valuable, please consider sharing too!

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